Tuesday, 28 March 2017
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Google updates Search app with a new web app launcher


The latest update, going live now for users in the United States, takes the form of tappable shortcuts that live underneath the search bar, and can connect you with everything from nearby areas of interest to entertainment news, translation and currency conversion, and, of course, weather forecasts. Read More »

Intel to acquire Mobileye for $15.3bn, looks at automotive leadership


Intel and Mobileye aren't strangers by any means. If this comes true, the $15 billion Intel is to spend here - significantly more than the $8.9bn Samsung is paying for Harman announced in November - will seem like chump change. It's also by far the largest autonomous auto acquisition to date, and another sign that the self-driving vehicle sector looks set to explode in the coming years. Read More »

Selection Sunday starts road to Final Four


This stretch of extended playing time culminated in 22 minutes of action in the Big Sky championship game win over fellow Australian Bianca Thacker and Idaho State, where the South Australian scored six points in the 62-56 win. Once Selection Sunday gets us started, things are going to move pretty quickly. "Jalen ... It's like having a 15-year National Basketball Association veteran on the team". Read More »

Emoji just got lazy thanks to G Board


With this feature, the mobile platform will be able to recognise if you share, say , an address in a message and allow users to open the address in relevant app such as Google Maps. If you're a heavy emoji user, will you be using more now Google have made it easier? Instead of leaving your messaging app to translate a word or phrase, now you can translate your text right in the Gboard app. Read More »

New NOAA satellite captures unprecedented view of lightning over Texas


GOES-16's premier imager, one of six science instruments, will offer three times as many channels as the existing system, four times the resolution and five times the scan speed. Local Weather Service meteorologists can monitor the data from the GLM to determine in real time if a storm is becoming severe and issue warnings sooner than they would have otherwise been able to. Read More »

Facebook Rolls Out its Fake News Tool


When Facebook was bombarded with numberous fake news, the social media giant took the responsibility of identifying them seriously. Clinton and Barack Obama both spoke out about the problem, with the former President accusing Facebook of creating a "dust cloud of nonsense" by allowing insane theories to spread and Clinton describing the spread of false news as an "epidemic" after the election. Read More »

Scientists say they've found the earliest known remains of life on Earth


If the fossils are indeed 4.28 billion years old, that would suggest "an nearly instantaneous emergence of life" after ocean formation, Dodd said.The fossils appear to be older than any other previously discovered evidence of life. Such filaments and tubes have also been seen in much younger "microfossils", named due to their microscopic size, found in Norwegian rocks. A team of experts led by Matthew Dodd of University College London (UCL) searched for signs of the earliest ... Read More »

Ryan Zinke Confirmed As Interior Secretary

The self-described " conservative conservationist " is expected to get to work rolling back Obama's climate change agenda. Zinke, who will lead a department that oversees 400 million acres of federal land, has anxious environmental advocates by appearing soft toward oil and gas companies. Read More »

Barack Obama and daughter Malia attend 'The Price' on Broadway


Mowers said she was initially irritated when the trio first came in, not knowing it was the former president and his daughter. On Thursday, an Instagram photo showed Obama in SoHo at a restaurant with his daughter Malia. The former president has kept a low profile after he left the White House in January. Barack had not been seen publicly since his post-presidency vacation to the British Virgin Islands with his wife, Michelle Obama , and billionaire friend Richard Branson of Virgin Group ... Read More »

Why I am not angry with Conte over bench role - Fabregas

A few minutes later, Fabregas nearly doubled Chelsea's lead following a cross from Moses but the Spaniard's volley was brilliantly palmed away by Lukasz Fabianski . Chelsea is simply biding its time right now, counting down to the end of the season when it will inevitably be crowned Premier League champions. Chelsea's Pedro turns in celebrates after scoring his side's second goal of the game during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge, London . Read More »

Liverpool's Klopp compares Ranieri firing at Leicester to Trump becoming president

Ranieri had come under pressure following Leicester's awesome title success, with the team battling relegation amid media reports suggesting that he had lost the dressing room. "Now I realize that was peanuts compared with what happened to Claudio". Kick-off at the King Power Stadium is set for 8PM BST, but stick with us until then as we build up to the game and get the confirmed team news, around an hour before kick-off. Read More »

Blackberry "Mercury" goes official as BlackBerry KEYOne: Features, Specifications, Price revealed

The KEYone also comes with what the company calls Flick typing. MWC is finally upon us and the company is ready to let us in on all the details. BlackBerry and TCL just finished officially announcing the new BlackBerry KeyOne. The smartphone comes with 32 GB internal memory, expandable up to 2 TB with memory card. And for when you only have a few moments to grab a fast charge, BlackBerry's Boost can turbo charge your battery to get you the most charge with the limited time you have. Read More »

Celebrities React to NASA's New Planet Announcement

They hope to scan the planets' atmospheres for the possible chemical fingerprints of life. "This discovery could be a significant piece in the puzzle of finding habitable environments , places that are conducive to life", Nasa's Thomas Zurbuchen . Read More »

Giraffe cam to capture calf's birth

April the giraffe and her mate, Oliver, are expecting a leggy baby giraffe - known as a calf - soon at Animal Adventure Park . OMG! Are you ready for the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life? The live feed of April's birthing was live once again Thursday morning. Read More »

Snap starts selling Spectacles online for $130


At the moment, orders for the shades seem to be piling up ever so slightly, as there is a delivery delay of roughly two to four weeks. Therefore, Snapchat could be seeking another way to sell the sunglasses: whether that turns out to be online or offline (via more pop-ups) remains to be seen. Read More »

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 "New Best Friends" Recap


The powers that be were not lying when they claimed they were expanding the world. With a minimum of dialogue, she gives her a spark and an inner life that rivals that of any leader we've yet met on The Walking Dead . However, they were told to quit it, but this just fueled Richard's appetite for murdering some Saviors. Rick pats him on the back and replies, "Because someone showed me that enemies can become friends", alluding to how they became friends. Read More »

SpaceX blasts off cargo from historic NASA launchpad

This was the first commercial launch from Kennedy's historic pad and SpaceX's tenth cargo flight to the ISS under NASA's resupply contract. It is the same site which served as a launch site for the Apollo 11 mission that first sent humans to the moon. Read More »

Disney's Live-Action 'Mulan' Finds Director


She also most recently helmed this year's upcoming The Zookeeper's Wife with Jessica Chastain and Daniel Bruhl. Rewritten by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver for live-action, Mulan has been in Disney's plan for a couple years now, and might even eclipse the anticipation for live-action Beauty in the Beast once a trailer is unveiled. Read More »

Hot Wheels DLC Cars Come to Rocket League on February 21


As part of the Hot Wheels update, new Hot Wheels customisation items will be included which are free for everyone. Psyonix has announced premium DLC for Rocket League that features two unique cars, sold separately . Are you excited to see classic Hot Wheels vehicle designs in Rocket League? One such toy vehicle manufacturer, Hot Wheels , will make a surprise appearance in the auto football title Rocket League , a match made in heaven you could say. Read More »

Unmanned Japanese probe fails to remove space debris


Though the experimental segment of the mission was a failure, Kounotori did successfully deliver supplies to the International Space Station after launching in December. Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) were trying to test an electrodynamic "tether"- created with the help of a fishing net company - to slow down the orbiting rubbish and bring it into a lower orbit. Read More »

Tiffany says CEO Frederic Cumenal steps down


Tiffany announced Sunday that it had engaged an executive search firm to find a new CEO. 5, the same day Tiffany ran its first-ever Super Bowl commercial (see story), the jeweler shared that Mr. "The board believes that accelerating execution of those strategies is necessary to compete more effectively in today's global luxury market and improve performance", added Kowalski. Read More »

Facebook Ordered To Pay $500 Million In Oculus Lawsuit

Well, ZeniMax has now been awarded $500 million after a jury said Oculus used stolen computer code. They even went so far as to claim Palmer Luckey wouldn't have been able to conjure up the Oculus Rift without Zenimax's help. "If they could make it, why'd they take it?" The case against Oculus - bought by the social media giant two years ago for $2bn - and two of its founders was brought by ZeniMax Media which includes President Donald Trump's younger brother Robert on its board. Read More »

Third quarter group revenues drop at Vodafone

The London-headquartered telecom giant also reported a decrease in revenues in its home market of the United Kingdom, also as a result of price competition. "We will recover from headwinds in India", Colao said. Data browsing revenue growth slowed from 16 percent in Q2 to 0.6 percent in Q3 due to the impact of free services from the new entrant. Read More »

Comcast will charge extra fee for watching TV on Roku boxes

A Comcast spokesperson told Decider today that the last requirement - the set-top box - will fall away after the beta period ends and is there now as a safeguard to ensure that TV subscribers will have access while the company's programmers continue working on the beta. Read More »

Lego launches a social network for brickheads under 13


Most kids are creative geniuses in one way or another. The idea is that essentially kids can flip through a steady stream of photos of toy sets that Lego hopes will inspire children to build their own sets too. The app prohibits sharing of personal info or photos that could be used to identify or locate players, and users' avatars are just customized LEGO characters. Read More »

Trump wants 20-percent border tax on all imports from Mexico


Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim gave a rare press conference on Friday and called on all Mexicans and Mexican political parties to support President Enrique Peña Nieto in his negotiations with US President Donald Trump. "In just two decades, Arizona's exports to Canada and Mexico have increased by $5.7 billion , or 236 percent". Spicer gave few details, but his comments resembled an existing idea, known as a border adjustment tax, that the Republican-led U.S. Read More »

Donald Trump says Mexico has taken advantage of US


The Mexican currency continued a downward slide against the dollar after US President Donald Trump floated an idea how to make Mexico pay for the border wall. Sean Spicer told reporters a 20% import tax on Mexican goods would be a way to cover the costs. "But the United States can not continue to lose vast amounts of business, vast amounts of companies, and millions and millions of people losing their jobs", he added. Read More »

One US Service Member Killed, Several Others Injured During Raid In Yemen

The United States conducted dozens of drone strikes in Yemen throughout Barack Obama's presidency to combat al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, regarded as one of the global militant group's most risky branches. presidency. Three additional US service members were also wounded in the raid on al-Qaida militants. A two-hour gunbattle ensued after American service members landed on the ground, it said. Read More »

Gambian President Barrow receives warm welcome following post-election crisis

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday called for a speedy bloodless resolution of the crisis in The Gambia where reluctant former leader Yahya Jammeh has been given a last chance to step down peacefully. The world watched as Gambians showed they wanted change, supporting a coalition of opposition parties whose aim was to oust Jammeh and put the country on a path toward greater freedoms. Read More »

Boeing Reveals Suits For Starliner Astronauts


The suits are a complete rethinking of the personal life support system that astronauts have worn for decades, and they also happen to be really, really cool looking. Here's a short clip of astronauts using a simulator for the Boeing Starliner . Replacing the iconic orange "pumpkin" flight suits of the space shuttle era, the sleeker, lighter "Boeing blue " suits feature a number of upgrades improving safety and convenience. Read More »

Rogue National Park Accounts Emerge On Twitter Amid Social Media Gag Orders


The introductory disclaimer borne by the @RogueNASA account was typical of numerous feeds, describing it as "The unofficial "Resistance" team of NASA". The President also briefly ordered the National Park Service to suspend all social media posts when the NPS tweeted a side-by-side comparison of the crowds at Barack Obama and Donald Trump's respective inaugurations. Read More »

Galaxy S8 release date


The smartphones were in the headlines previous year when their fires injured people, destroyed a vehicle and caused the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight. One battery, the company said, wasn't properly fitted inside the phone, which caused "an electrode deflection". A highly technical explanation of Note 7 problems boiled down to the relatively large battery cells not fitting well into their pouches, with not enough insulating material inside. Read More »