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Kazakhstan's Golovkin unifies world middleweight title


Nicknamed "Miracle Man, " after overcoming bone cancer in 2011-12 to win 10 straight fights, he almost pulled off the huge upset. Golovkin's 23-fight knockout streak was snapped. People haven't seen the best of Danny Jacobs yet. On the horizon now for Golovkin is that elusive meeting with Alvarez, who faces Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in the ring in May. Read More »

Most Americans Support Funding Planned Parenthood, According To A New Poll


That assessment aligns with the 54 percent of Planned Parenthood health centers serving "health professional shortage areas, rural or medically underserved areas", according to a fact sheet from Planned Parenthood Federation of America. This undermines proponents claim that the provision does not violate the Byrd Rule because it affects a "class of providers", and not just Planned Parenthood. Read More »

Marc and Jodie Emery Arrested in Dispensary Sweep


Cannabis Culture dispensaries across Canada are being raided by police as company's owners are waiting to appear in court in Toronto this morning. Prominent marijuana activists Marc and Jodie Emery have been arrested in Toronto and police are raiding several pot dispensaries associated with the couple. Read More »

Nothing Changed: BJP Wave and Congress Decline


As exit polls started coming in on Thursday, the Bharatiya Janata Party clearly seemed ahead in at least four of the five states in which assembly elections were held between February 4 and March 8. It estimates Congress will get between 9 and 13 seats, while AAP is predicted to be at the bottom of the table, with a maximum of two seats. India TV predicted a hung Assembly, projecting 15-21 seats for the BJP and 12-18 for the Congress. Read More »

Baxter Celebrates World Kidney Day


As per the International Federation of Kidney Foundation, by 2025 obesity will affect 18 per cent men and over 21 per cent women worldwide. When your kidneys stop functioning properly, you're at risk for dialysis or needing a kidney transplant. Read More »

Do you know where Daylight Saving Time came from?


While most, if not all, Texans probably wouldn't mind foregoing the bi-annual adjustment of every household clock , many prefer the extra sunlight that DST affords. The practice of daylight saving has been in place for almost 100 years - since 1918 - thanks to Pittsburg industrialist Robert Garland who motivated America's adoption of the European notion that man should alter time. Read More »

U.S. starts deployment of missile-defense system in South Korea


A man in Seoul watches a TV news program on North Korea's missile launches past year. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang was reported to have said at a daily news briefing that China had noted North Korea's latest action. China is North Korea's largest trading partner and holds some influence over Pyongyang. The meeting was called to address North Korea's latest missile tests, all of which defy sanctions previously placed on the country by the worldwide group of governments. Read More »

Virus that can be deadly to poultry found in Tennessee


HPAI is known to be deadly for domesticated poultry - chickens, turkeys, guineas, quail, and peafowl. The food giant said it did not expect that this would disrupt its chicken business. Any signs of sickness of an increased number of deaths in a flock should be reported to the VDACS. The Asian nation is already facing surging egg prices and has culled nearly 34 million birds amid a domestic bird-flu outbreak. Read More »

White House To Reduce EPA Budget


The letter was signed by Paxton and the governors or attorneys general of Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and West Virginia. Even more money went to a political action committee and super PAC that paid for Pruitt's trips to Hawaii and New Orleans. The decision will hobble the EPA's ability to accurately calculate methane emissions in its annual tally of total US greenhouse gas emissions, which is provided to the United Nations ... Read More »

Liverpool fans react on Twitter to Klavan starting v Arsenal


A few tidy passes allowed Sadio Mane, who spent most of the day toying with Nacho Monreal, to play Firmino in for the goal . Manchester City, Manchester United and even Arsenal all have at least a game in hand on them and so, the race for top four is going to be something that will go down the wire this season. Read More »

Rabbi probed by feds described as 'trusted friend' to de Blasio

He will attempt to convince them there were never any quid pro quos nor any trading of government favors for political donations during his time at City Hall, and he plans to answer questions without protection of immunity. It was not clear if the investigation centered exclusively on de Blasio or other members of his administration. The mayor is also under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney's office in connection with state senate campaigns he assisted in 2014. Read More »

Department of Health investigates Penn State mumps cases

An infected person can spread the virus by coughing, sneezing or talking; by sharing items such as cups or beverages; through intimate contact; or by touching surfaces with unwashed hands. Hardy adds that children are most susceptible to getting mumps, and said that kids should be vaccinated for the disease at an early age. Two cases of mumps were reported February 13 shortly before the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, the CDT reported. Read More »

Nick Mangold bids farewell, thanks Jets for 11 great seasons

Equally important, off the field, Nick exhibited respect, sensitivity and compassion for the causes he supported. It's not too often an offensive lineman becomes one of a franchise's most recognizable players, but center Nick Mangold reached that level with the New York Jets. Read More »

DC Police Rescue Man From A Burning Car In Northeast

Meanwhile, at the nearby station, Hines' fellow officers were just moments from calling it a day. Asked Tuesday to reflect on the night one officer said nothing of its dangers, but expressed gratitude that "we were able to save the man's life". Read More »

Justice warned Trump team about Flynn contacts


It's not clear what Flynn said in the interview, whether his lawyer was present, or if the Trump administration knew about the interview beforehand. He was one of Trump's biggest backers and spoke on his behalf at the Republican National Convention. Read More »

Los Angeles Has The Worst Traffic On Earth...Literally

Los Angeles drivers spent an average of 104 peak drive-time hours fighting slow traffic during 2016. Manchester is the second most congested United Kingdom city, followed by Aberdeen, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Congestion is the most severe in London, which was found to be the seventh worst city out of more than 1,000 around the world. "Congestion also costs our country hundreds of billions of dollars, threatens future economic growth and lowers our quality of life", said Bob Pishue, senior ... Read More »

Odds of going bald uncovered in study


Before the new study , by researchers at Edinburgh University and published in the journal PLOS Genetics , only a handful of genes related to baldness had been identified. A completely accurate algorithm is still a long way off, but the findings could help scientists identify male individuals prone to hair loss in the future. Read More »

Computer Algorithm Can Predict Babies Likely To Develop Autism


Scientists have also found that infants who have older siblings with autism have a higher likelihood of developing the condition. For the study , published this week in Nature , researchers conducted MRI scans on 150 children three times: at six months old, one year and two years. Read More »

Governor Lowers Eligibility Age to Donate Organs in NY


Commissioner of Health for New York State, Dr. Howard A. Zucker, said, "The best gift a New Yorker can give is the gift of life". This legislation will allow new drivers to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry when they first apply for a driver's license, learner permit or non-driver ID. Read More »

Old drug gets an absurd price hike to $89000 per year

It is said that the condition occurs in about one in every 3,600 male infants across the globe. It commonly implies the medication will be secure by insurance, and the evidence that is utilized to support the approval may induce doctors to use the medications. Read More »

Food Recall: Sargento Cheese Sold at Meijer Faces Possible Contamination


Deutsch Kase Haus, LLC of Middlebury, Ind. has notified Sargento Foods Inc. that a specialty Longhorn Colby cheese they supplied to Sargento must be recalled due to a potential contamination of Listeria monocytogenes. Out of "an abundance of caution", Sargento also recalled five more products packaged at the same facility. As for the salad recall, Taylor Farms says in a notice to the USDA that it was informed by Sargento on Friday of the potential listeria contamination of its ... Read More »

US Smokeless Tobacco Company Recalls Products


The U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company said it has notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the recall and is working with federal authorities on the matter. A total of eight complaints were received. The complaints came in from Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. USSTC is asking wholesalers and retailers to remove the recalled products from their inventories and return the product to USSTC. Read More »

Reader's view: Fear repeal of Affordable Care Act


For example, a woman who has had a premature baby - a pretty common occurrence - can be considered to have a pre-existing condition that will allow insurance companies to refuse to insure her. Anyone who signs up before the deadline expires Tuesday night is guaranteed insurance for the rest of the year, along with their tax subsidies. The Obama administration knew as early as 2010 that millions of people would not be able to keep their plans and they knowingly lied to the American people. Read More »

FDA Urges Pharmacists to Discuss Medications with Pet Owners After Deaths Reported


FDA warned people that they should be very careful if they have a pet and using this skin cancer cream as even a small quantity of such cream can prove risky and harmful for pets. Even touching a pet after applying Fluorouracil cream to your own skin could be unsafe, they say, if the pet then ingests traces of the medicine. "If an owner applies fluorouracil cream to an afflicted area and touches their cat, the cat may accidentally ingest the medication when grooming itself and suffer ... Read More »

New Bill Shields Drivers Who 'Accidentally' Run Over Protesters

The proposal follows swiftly after suggestions from North Dakota lawmakers that it should be a crime for adults to wear masks. The Native Times reported that the legislator was angry because "his 72-year-old mother-in-law was blocked by protesters waving signs on a roadway" and quoted him as saying, "They're intentionally putting themselves in danger". Read More »

British Prime Minister Theresa May lands American Vogue shoot


Vogue", a spokesman for May's office said. Downing Street sources denied reports the photoshoot was linked to next month's visit to the United States to meet incoming president Donald Trump. That episode also sparked a debate over whether female politicians' fashion choices were scrutinised much more closely than their male counterparts'. Read More »

Jimmy Snuka - Victorious in Court Battle … Homicide Charges Dropped


Snuka was suspended from his WWE Legends deal after being indicted and was removed from the Hall of Fame section of WWE .com, though he was still listed as a member in the WrestleMania 33 program. Snuka and two other wrestlers were also at the scene. However, in his 2012 autobiography he claimed that she had slipped and hit her head on a rock after they stopped so she could go to the bathroom at a rest stop and that he put her to bed before heading to the tapings, then realized she was ... Read More »

Woman, boyfriend arrested in brutal assault of her 1-year-old relative


According to deputies, the child had extremely serious and life-threatening wounds consistent with brutal sexual assault and multiple stab wounds. Sheriff Javier Salazar said that the horrendous condition the toddler was in is close to the worse child assault case that many in the department had ever seen. Read More »

Ivanka Trump to move into DC home in Kalorama


As the new first family gears up for the big move to Washington, D.C., Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner may have found a new home for their family in the nation's capital. In seventh place were Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner . The couple will reportedly live in a $5.5 million home in the Kalorama section of the capital city, The Washingtonian reported, citing real estate sources . Read More »

Top 8 schemes announced by Modi on New Year's eve


Loans of up to ₹12 lakh taken in 2017, will receive interest subvention of 3 per cent, Modi announced . -"I am aware of all the problems you have to face since demonetisation and I want you to know that I appreciate all the sacrifices and problems faced since demonetisation". Read More »

Steve Smith Sr. Will End Career In Cincinnati On Sunday

Former Carolina Panther and now, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith is officially calling it a career. They have athletes over there, they got a good team over there, but I feel like we're just the big brothers. "We want one more win on the resume for sure", Harbaugh said. "I like to play football", he said. And it was that same confidence that allowed him bounce back after his release from the Panthers in 2013 and helped him to return successfully from an Achilles tendon tear last ... Read More »

A Leap Second Will Be Added To The 31st Night Of 2016


The last leap second was added on June 30, 2015. This godforsaken extra second will be added during the midnight countdown to 2017 in UTC time, which translates to to 6:59:59 p.m. If it is not made then every year, the atomic time would drift away from the time estimated due to the Earth's rotation. Not the first time, a leap second has been added in a year. Read More »