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'Prison Bae' makes his fashion week debut

16 February 2017

Jeremy Meeks, the model who was referred to as "the hot felon", walks in the Philipp Plein fashion show in NY.

He became an instant Internet celebrity, with users commenting on his good looks.

Twelve short months ago, Jeremy Meeks was serving time in a Californian prison, and now he's walking at New York Fashion Week.

Yeah, him. His real name is Jeremy Meeks, and in 2014, many of you lost your minds (and your drawls) when his mugshot went viral.

Apparently those people came through for him, as there Meeks was Monday, joining rappers Young Thug, Desiigner, and Fetty Wap on the runway (above) and in this slightly silly hat (below).

The 6-foot-1-inch tower of man candy strutted in front of a glittery audience that included Tiffany Trump, Madonna, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, according to the New York Post.

Plein, a German designer, said he put Meeks in the fashion show despite his criminal record because "we're all bad boys; I'm a bad boy". The 33-year-old former prisoner had signed a modelling contract even before his release last March. Meeks was arrested and charged with street terrorism in California in 2014, a charge which admittedly sounds a lot more brutal than it was.

Meeks wore an all-black ensemble as he brought his prison-swag to high fashion.

It's Fashion Week in NY, which means industry bigwigs and all kinds of celebrities have descended on Manhattan for a first glimpse at the hottest looks of spring 2017. He previously served two years in state prison for a grand theft auto conviction.

'Prison Bae' makes his fashion week debut