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Trump Slams Senator Who Revealed Gorsuch's Criticism Of Remarks On Judges

14 February 2017

Ron Bonjean, a spokesman aiding Gorsuch in the confirmation process, confirmed Blumenthal's account of their conversation in an e-mail and said Gorsuch "used the words disheartening and demoralising".

"If they keep working to paint Judge Gorsuch as a mouth-breathing bald eagle hunter, they'll embarrass themselves", said Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who also met with Gorsuch on Tuesday. In his decision, Gorsuch acknowledged the "mixed messages the federal government is sending these days about the distribution of marijuana", his familiarity with the complicated conflict between state and federal laws and confusion over the Cole and Ogden memos about marijuana policy issued Pres. Obama's Justice Department.

Trump also got into a Twitter spat with Chris Cuomo over the CNN anchor's interview with Blumenthal.

In the questionnaire, Judge Neil Gorsuch lists what he considers the 10 most significant cases he presided over while on a federal appeals court.

The New York Democrat said after the meeting that he asked Gorsuch about "whether a Muslim ban could in concept be constitutional", alluding to Trump's executive order banning entries to the USA from seven majority-Muslim countries; about Trump's unsubstantiated comments that there may have been millions of illegal votes in the 2016 election; and about the reach of executive power.

Gorsuch has not made any public comment on the matter.

In another case, with an eerie resemblance to aspects of the current situation with respect to Trump's anti-Muslim executive order, Gorsuch argued for deferring to the governor of Utah who sought to unilaterally cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.

Later, other senators said Gorsuch made similar statements in their private meetings, including Sen. He added that Gorsuch "welled up with some energy" and said any attack on his "brothers or sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges".

" In 1861, Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney said only Congress, not the president, could suspend habeas corpus, despite President Abraham Lincoln having done so at the beginning of the Civil War".

"In Trump's world there's a precedent where he believes a judge of Mexican heritage can't fairly judge his case", said longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson. On Sunday, Trump renewed his Twitter attacks against Robart: "Just can not believe a judge would put our country in such peril". On Wednesday, he stepped up his criticism of the judiciary, calling courts "so political" and describing the proceedings in the appeals court as "disgraceful".

Democrats have called Mr Trump's Twitter comments about the justice system an attack on a core principle of American democracy that the judiciary is independent and upholds the rule of law. Two of Republican George H.W. Bush's nominees y as 2009, nine Republicans voted to confirm the choice of a Democratic president (Sonia Sotomayor).were confirmed by a Democratic Senate, once by a 90-9 vote (David H. Souter).

"A truly independent judge would have the fortitude to condemn the president's remarks, not just express disapproval, and to do it publicly", Schumer wrote. In a lunch with senators later, Trump said of Gorsuch: "His comments were misrepresented".

Trump's spat with Blumenthal overshadowed a meeting with senators that was aimed at trying to build support for Gorsuch.

Blumenthal misrepresented his career and claimed he had served in Vietnam before confessing to reporters in 2010 that he had "misspoken".

But Cassell, a law professor at the University of Utah who was a judge from 2002 to 2007, said Trump has the right to voice his disagreement.

Trump Slams Senator Who Revealed Gorsuch's Criticism Of Remarks On Judges