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Newspaper apologises after using Baldwin SNL photo instead of Trump

14 February 2017

This week's episode had some considerable buzz, with Baldwin setting a new SNL record.

Having suffered another defeat at the hands of America's legal system (and been chirped on Twitter by a certain Hillary), it was time for Saturday Night Live and Alec to have a little fun.

The publication is called "El Nacional" and used a picture of Baldwin impersonating Trump in one of their articles.

Baldwin did play a pilot alongside Tom Hanks in an episode previous year where the actor reprised his role as Sully Sullenberger, but otherwise has only appeared as Trump, most recently seen insulting world leaders by phone in last week's cold open.

With Baldwin hosting - which means he will do more than play Trump - the question is, how far will he go? Will Ferrell portrayed President George W. Bush as a lovable idiot. And SNL reacted to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's loss with an emotional and entirely serious cold open.

Do you ever have any question about anything you wish to ask and get answer? Then, case defendants entered the courtroom; they were Ninth Circuit Court judges Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, and Pete Davidson, who were accused of "knowing the Constitution". "I want the ban reinstated - also I want $725". Entering the famous television courtroom set of The People's Court, Mr. Trump approached the plaintiff's podium and prepared to defend his maligned and disempowered travel ban. Very official. These judges have been very disrespectful.

While we at Sputnik, confident in our abilities to tell the real POTUS from Baldwin's presidential drag, figured this would be a jolly one-off, but we were wrong. Both bad. It's not the outcome I wanted, but it's history. Soon after, Vladimir Putin was brought in as a character witness, shaking hands with the Grim Reaper who - on the show - represents Steve Bannon.

Baldwin replied: "That's OK, I'm a TV president".

Newspaper apologises after using Baldwin SNL photo instead of Trump