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Netflix Announces 'The OA Part II' Is Coming

09 February 2017

In January, co-creator/star Brit Marling talked to Entertainment Weekly about Season 1's cliffhanger finale: "It feels to me like most of the provocative questions that are raised are eventually answered".

The OA centers on young Missouri woman Prairie Johnson (Marling) who - missing since age 7 - mysteriously resurfaces.

The streaming service's other critically-acclaimed sci-fi series will return on Halloween 2017, but no release date for The OA's second season has yet been announced. Having resonated with audiences, Netflix has no need for more PR cloak and dagger when it comes to The OA, since they just greenlit Season 2! The first season's ending, which muddled the question of whether Prairie had invented her supernatural story, was met with polarized reactions. When she suddenly turns up alive, she can see, has unexplained scars on her back and refers to herself as the OA. She recruits five new allies (four local teenagers and their teacher) for a mysterious mission, spinning a wild tale of trauma, abduction, weird science, and interdimensional travel. Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Phyllis Smith, Alice Krige and Patrick Gibson also starred.

The OA was the Netflix hit no one saw coming last December - there was very little fanfare up until its release - and since then fans have been clamoring to know when we'll see a second season.

Netflix Announces 'The OA Part II' Is Coming