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United Kingdom tourists face European Union roaming charges post-Brexit

08 February 2017

"A good deal may be possible, and it is in all our interests to ensure this is the case, but we could be about to commit this country to a path which will leave us weakened and damaged".

Opposition lawmakers want to use the bill going through parliament as a way to attach extra conditions to May's plan to trigger Brexit talks by March 31.

United Kingdom lawmakers will get the chance to reject Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal before it is finalized, potentially forcing her to return to the negotiating table and seek better terms.

Theresa May has warned MPs not to "obstruct" the will of United Kingdom voters by changing the parliamentary bill aimed at getting Brexit talks under way.

By contrast, Leslie amendment would have added text to the Article 50 Bill requiring Parliament approve "any new deal or treaty" following the "negotiations in respect of Article 50".

"There are of course further stages for the Bill in committee and in the Lords and it is right that this process should be completed properly".

"It will be the choice between leaving the European Union with a negotiated deal, or not", Jones told the Commons.

Theresa May has faced down a Conservative rebellion over Brexit in the House of Commons, rejecting calls for MPs to be able to send her back to the negotiating table if they do not like her deal with the EU.

Mr Corbyn, who backed the Remain side in last year's European Union referendum, has ordered his MPs to support the government's bill, whether amendments are accepted or not.

The Prime Minister has warned MPs that "now is not the time to obstruct" the will of the British people on Brexit.

Keir Starmer, the Brexit spokesman from the main opposition Labour Party, welcomed it.

Rebels from the Conservative Party have threatened to vote with Labour and the SNP on changes to the EU (Notification Of Withdrawal) Bill.

The bill is expected to complete its passage through the lower House of Commons on Wednesday.

Shadow cabinet members Rachael Maskell and Dawn Butler quit shortly before last week's vote, in order to defy Mr Corbyn's orders, but MPs backed the bill by a majority of 384.

United Kingdom tourists face European Union roaming charges post-Brexit