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Malcolm Turnbull shrugs off White House's name and shame

08 February 2017

Nobody asks Turnbull to "run a commentary"; we ask our elected leader to comment on policies affecting Australian citizens, residents, and those under our legal and moral duty-of-care.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister ruled out any deal to get the United States to honor an agreement to resettle hundreds of Muslim refugees that has been described as "dumb" by President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's intention in his phone call with Malcolm Turnbull last week was to terminate the refugee resettlement deal with Australia.

"I don't know what happened during last week's telephone call between the president of the United States and the prime minister of Australia", Alexander reportedly told the Senate. John McCainJohn McCainSenators introduce resolution in support of Australia after Trump call Press: Trump - to Russian Federation with love Head of NSA to brief senators on cyber threats MORE (Ariz.) and Bob CorkerBob CorkerSenators introduce resolution in support of Australia after Trump call Trump makes right turn on Iran Trump embraces his critics' outrage MORE (Tenn.) made phone calls to Joe Hockey, the Australian ambassador to the USA, to voice their support of the alliance.

Turnbull sat down with Nine Network's Political Editor Laurie Oakes for a "wide-ranging" interview on 60 Minutes; but after a week of news which described President Donald Trump's disastrous phone call to Turnbull as "the worst call ever", it's no surprise the interview focused on our alliance with the US.

I find that both un-American and un-Australian, a choice that destroys any faith I had in Turnbull's integrity.

US President Donald Trump has spoken critically of the agreement reached by Australia and previous US administration, which led to the general uncertainty, with some media reports suggesting that the deal would fall though. "So this has been a very good week for Australia". A spokesman for White House declined to comment on The Post. "And we have stood with them", he said. What he cares about is the refugee policy that he views as risky for the United States.

There is no evidence that the resettlement of refugees in the USA is any more of a deterrent for future boat arrivals than resettlement in Australia.

"What now if the Trump Administration comes to you and says, "we want troops for some Middle Eastern adventure" or "we want ships in the South China Sea"? Look around the world at the grief and the turmoil that you've seen through lax border protection", Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull on the weekend said that there was "absolutely" no request from Mr Trump for any quid pro quo. He added, "And there is no linkage, no linkage at all between an arrangement relating to a refugee resettlement and any other matters".

Malcolm Turnbull shrugs off White House's name and shame